About Us

About Us – Spyder Muster
The Spyder Muster concept originated with a small group of your fellow Spyder Ryders who wanted an owner based gathering. We saw this as an event that might grow into the event for all Spyder / ryker Owners and members of the broader Spyder / ryker Community to enjoy, one that is run for and by Spyder / ryker Owners.
From the beginning, the operators of ozspyderryders.com were very much involved with organizing, promoting, and running these events (with no small commitment & contribution on their behalf, as well as some help with funding from BRP & the dedicated sponsors).
However, we appreciate your input; any suggestions about how to improve or take this event into the future from any/all Spyder / ryker owners will be most welcome. You can make suggestions by sending them to spyder.muster@bigpond.com