Spyder Roulè Vendors

If you are interested in seeing what the vendors have available during the spyder roulè for your Spyder,
Ride to 59 Madison Crt St Clair
They will have a workshop setup available for fitting, checking and displaying and selling lots of good things for your Spyder.
F3 Carry racks  The best in the business  +  many more items  –    The Workz Shop
Full Size Bump / Skid plates  in High Density Poly Ethylene   –      The Workz Shop
Laser Alignments & Aust made Sway bars  –      by  Rabbit Works
Toweyez &  RT Windscreen arms     –    By    Tripod
Sheep skin Seat Covers     –        BY     The Good wool Store
Alloy Skid Plates   –      By    Noboot


 You can Join the Vendor Ride after the Saturday Lunch and Show ‘N’ Shine if you wish.
Directions on how to get to 59 Madison Crt St. Clair :-
Head (East) down the  M4   Take the Mamre Rd exit off the M4   Approx 9 Klms.
Turn Right off the M4 onto Mamre Road and Ride to Solander Drve Turn Left.
Then Turn left into Madison Crt and dive straight down to No 59