Spyder Roulè 2019 – Latest News

Wednesday 13th March 2019
Western Motorcycles have gone all out for the Spyder Roulè.
Check out the Specials that will be available on Saturday 23rd March.
Tuesday 26th February 2019

western mototcycle   –   MASSIVE SPYDER ROULÈ SALE

Saturday 23rd ALL DAY: There will be instore specials just for members of the 2019 Spyder Roulè, so put it on your calendar to get to the store some time during the day or after the Show ‘n’ Shine.

We are at 283 Mulgoa Road Penrith and open from 8.30am – 6.00pm Saturday. We are staying open 2 hours later than normal to allow patrons from the Spyder Roulè a chance to get down and see us.

Clothing & Apparel, Service Kits, Helmets, Gloves, Boots, Jackets, Pants etc.

Those people who have booked for the Maintenance Workshop will be able to take advantage of these specials while they are onsite. It maybe worth coming a bit early to give yourself some time to browse or hang around afterwards.

Friday 22nd February 2019
After the Show ‘N’ Shine, your Lunch and group photos why not take in a tour of the Museum of Fire. Your Spyder Roulè wrist band will enable you free entry for the Saturday afternoon only.
With the maintenance demo at Western Motorcycles all booked out you can either check out the Museum of Fire or come along to the Vendor View ride or use it as free time before we get together for the Saturday night BBQ dinner down in the Back Yard at Penrith Panthers.  Trophies for the Show ‘N’ shine will be awarded during the dinner.
Wednesday 20th February 2019
Exciting news :     Western Motorcycles will be supplying both a Ryker and an F3 for test rides during the Saturday group ride.
Take either bike for 5 to 10 Kilometers or so for a test ride. Both Ray & Darren from Westerns will be on the ride to look after your bike while testing.
More details will be given during the riders briefing on the day.

Also Please Note:

Saturday 23rd ALL DAY: There will be instore specials just for members of the 2019 Spyder Roulè, so put it on your calendar to get to the store some time during the day. We are at 283 Mulgoa Road Penrith and open from 8.30am – 4.00pm.

Those people who have booked for the Maintenance Workshop will be able to take advantage of these specials while they are onsite.


Tuesday 19th February 2019

Western Motorcycles are doing a Service demo on the Saturday afternoon after the Show N Shine around 3pm

Please hop over to the attached link at Westerns Motorcycles and register that your attending the Service Demo so that they know how many are attending.

Be sure to click on the 2019 Spyder Muster

Sorry Folks,  This part of the Event is now all booked out.

Sunday 10th February 2019
Exciting news is that Beaches Sea-doo and Can Am are now sponsoring the Show ‘N’ Shine after the Saturday Group ride and have increased the number of trophies being offered and the categories are :-
  1. Best GS / RS / RSS / ST
  2. Best RT
  3. Best F3
  4. Bests paint
  5. Best graphics (including wraps)
  6. Best Spyder Overall
  7. Peoples Choice

Click on the Show N Shine tab to enter your Spyder.

The Trophies will be awarded during the Saturday night dinner at the Backyard Restaurant & Bar Downstairs at Penrith Panthers.

Monday 4th February 2019
Registration for the Spyder Roulè has now closed and we thank all those that have registered.
For the NSW  Spyder Riders don’t forget that Saturday 23rd March is State Elections day and you must vote so it might be a good idea to either do a Postal vote or vote absentee.
Soon we will be sending out via email an information pack with some details to make your Spyder Roulè experience more enjoyable.
You will also receive a Spyder Roulè Welcome gift pack upon Check In with all the weekend activities outlined and some goodies included.

31st January 2019

An email has been sent out to all those that have registered for the Spyder Roulè requesting some information for the Friday Meet ‘N’ Greet.
If you did not receive the email please check your Junk and or Spam folders and if you still haven’t received the email send a message (email) to spyder.muster@bigpond.com and we’ll resend the details to you.
Spyder Roulè Team


14th January 2019




Still has some availability for the Spyder  Roulè 

This Motel is right next door to Westerns Motorcycles, The Grey Gums Hotel, Hooters Restaurant and Hungry Jacks for your Convenience.

It’s just one (1) Kilometer down the road from Panthers.


18th December 2018

The Saturday ride has been mapped out and the route set.  It’s about 160 Kilometers long with some scenic lookout rest stops, Comfort stops and Ride regroup stops.  Please make sure you have a full tank of Petrol before the ride starts. Some Cold water bottles should be available along the way.

At the final destination there will be a Show N Shine where a trophy will be awarded for the best looking Spyder on the day.

There will also be a Group photo shoot which will include some Drone Photos taken.

20th November 2018

Great news,  Westerns MotorCycles will be supplying a new Ryker (if available) or F3  for test riding during the Saturday group ride. You’ll be able to swap your ride with Ray from Westerns and do a few K’s on the Ryker and then swap back to enable someone else to have a ride.

5th November 2018

We would like to thank Fagan & Julie Fulton from The Rabbit works and wespydservices.com for the donation of the Motorcycle camping Australia Stubby holders for the Spyder Roulè. You might be lucky to find one in your Welcome pack at Registration check in time.

12th October 2018

At the Spyder Roulè we are holding a Show N Shine after the Saturday group ride where a trophy will be awarded for the “Best looking Spyder on the day”.
So if you haven’t registered for the event being held in March 2019 hop onto the Spyder Muster web site and submit your registration and then book your accommodation for this exciting event.
The Spyder Muster web site is www.spydermuster.com.au


10th September 2018

With the Spyderfest now over it’s time to step up a gear in readiness for the Spyder Roulè. We have our Wrist bands all ready and our Group ride High Viz vests all ready to go.
So make sure you get your registration in for this event and we have some more announcements to come soon.
go to www.spydermuster.com.au for all event details and registration.

16th August 2018

Registrations are going great for the Spyder Roulè and have equaled or exceeded the number of registrations at this time of the year for the past 4 years. The event is building in excitement and expectation.
Don’t forget you must register to participate as you’ll be issued with a Wrist band at Check in time which will entitle you to entry to the Meet and Greet and all the other participating activities.


26th July 2018

We have booked the JAMISON Room at Penrith Panthers for the Friday evening Meet & Greet  and Light Finger food will be supplied with the complements of BRP.   We’ll be showing some exciting videos and have a number of guest speakers.


June 27th 2018

Exciting NEWS    BRP have come on board as a Sponsor. We will be working with their team to see how we can promote the Spyder Roulè for 2019

May 29th 2018

The question has been asked “Why did we change the name from Spyder Muster to Spyder Roulè?”

For 2019 we have a whole new team planning the Event and they decided to bring back the Old Spyder Royale style event for one year and see how it goes. So as it’s at Panthers World of Enterntainment in Penrith NSW the decision to call it Spyder Roulè seemed appropriate. It also sounded good to the Minor Sponsors.

So the Spyder Muster is still alive, and that’s why we have posted the Spyder Roulè under the banner of the Spyder Muster site as the Spyder Roulè is just a little brother of the Spyder Muster.

May 27th 2018

Please welcome the following to the Spyder Roulè as Sponsors:-

Beaches Sea Doo & Can Am

Melbourne Sea Doo & Can Am

Western Motor Cycles