Registration for the 2018 Spyder Muster is Now Open.

The 2018 Spyder Muster Registration costs remain at the same level for 2017. However, we have had to make some sacrifices in order to bring you an enjoyable event, so you will notice a couple of things missing from the 2018 event. But on the plus side, we’ve dropped those things you told us didn’t add a heap to your enjoyment, and swapped in some other things you told us you might enjoy more; so as always, we’ve tried to include everything you’ll need to make for a great weekend, a weekend of socialising with other Spyder Owners & checking out all the different machines and the various modifications others may have made. And since you are going to be there for the Muster anyway, why not take some extra time either side of the Muster to do some exploring and check out the fantastic rides on offer in the surrounding area. Last year we concentrated a lot on the nearby Hills & Hahndorf during the event proper; for 2018 we are looking at going a bit further afield, maybe heading down South a touch further on the Saturday and for the Sunday, quite likely heading a bit further North and possibly well into the Barossa Valley – but you’ll have to join us to find out for sure!

The basic Registration Fee for the 2018 Spyder Muster will still be $135 per person, Rider &/or Pillion, and will cover you for attending all the scheduled activities from the Welcoming Beach Party to be held around the Pool on Friday night, though to getting you out on the Closing Ride on Sunday; but due to the likely nature of that ride, we will be making a small change and asking you to pay for your own lunch on Sunday.  And there is another change too, we are expanding the scope of the 2018 Muster to invite traders offering products & services to the Attendees – so to help make this happen, if you wish to offer products or services to attendees at the 2018 Spyder Muster, you will need to contact to ascertain the necessary Registration details and ensure your access to the Muster.

Once you fill in and submit the Registration Form, you should receive an automated email from us confirming that we’ve received it; if you don’t think you’ve received that email but you are sure you registered, the email may have gone into your junk folder. Once you get that Registration Received email, we require your payment of $135 for just the Rider or of $270 for both Rider and Pillion. Please make sure you use the same Rider’s Name that you submitted on your Registration form as the Reference for your payment, and make your payment to:

Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 065-157
Acct: 10392208
Acct Name: Spyder Muster

NOTE: The account details above are the same as those you should have used last year, but please make sure you make your payment to the correct account.

The Bank has explicitly confirmed that they can enter your Name as the Reference for this payment, enabling us to match your Registration to your Payment. If for whatever reason you cannot get your Name loaded as the Reference, please forward a copy of the Bank’s Payment Receipt to and we will try to match them up.

We are looking forwards to seeing you at the 2018 Spyder Muster.

NB: Remember, if you wish to offer products or services to 2018 Spyder Muster attendees, you MUST contact to ascertain Registration and access the Event Attendees, functions, & facilities; please do this before filling in the Registration Form.

The Spyder Muster Team

Cancellation policy:-  If you need to cancel before cut off date being 2nd FEB 2018 you will get a full refund.

After that date sorry no refund due to order’s will be placed.